Programming in the sun

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

In many instances, cognitive abilities are more effective when a person is exposed to natural sunlight (Parrott and Garnham, 1998). Information systems development can be considered a highly cognitive industry. Along with the longstanding development in ‘mobile’ technology such as smartphones, tablet and notebook have made developing tools more mobile, (Vandewalle et al., 2011). Making use of development tools can be simple in application, there can be many aspects of making a toolbox of technology which can be used on mobile devices. photo (, 2014)

Human components are very important to the development process and while the psychological benefits have been already stated there can be some physical dangers attributed. Primarily sunburn which is the skin becomes damaged due to ultraviolet light lights. Referable to the level of complete concentration sunburn is a real possibility as well as eye strain due to glare for glass, screens such as those which are used with smart devices,

By picking out a shaded location and making regular use of sun cream (factor 40 or higher) to prevent sunburn and Sunglasses sun glare would be advised. This will restrict the amount of damage that can be done. Yet, this dose has not solved the technological issues of developing outside. Developing outside comes with its own challenges the first is the question of persisting with the values of core good practice when coding, by which I mean making use of version control with github, this can be done assessing. Currently as part of my development environment I use raspberry pi as a ‘sandbox development box’ this means that I can design and write the code on any device (laptop, tablet or phone), and then testing project on a safe device.

When working outdoors there are a few options available to overcome the technical issue of having a development suite on a mobile device. For the sake of argument the test case is a 7 inch android tablet. The first and the easiest to implement is make use of the SSH protocol, which will enable a developer to access their development environment which is on the computer or VM (virtual machine) (, 2014). This can be done by uses SSH client which can be installed (, 2014).

By making use of an Android application called JuiceSSH one can connect (, 2014), which intern by making use of the Android (a Linux Command line control system), powershell (the MS alternative to bash) , Cisco CLI Used in the configuration of Cisco devices, (Cisco, 2014),(, 2014), (Tl,.org, 2014, this does not re-frame of the possibility of using an Graphical User Interface though use an X-server (, 2014) (Android X server, 2014), (, 2014)However, the simplest method to both set-up and work with as it is both well documented and well used by the development Community as a whole.there can be some difficulty in typing commands with a tablet as some of the ‘on-screen’ keyboards are not configured to code for this i have found a solution in using a third party keyboard ‘Hacker’s Keyboard’,(Weidner, 2014) which is a keyboard that is available to download from play store, (Weidner, 2014). This keyboard has the advantage of being a QWERTY keyboard while still having the capability (though having a multiple layers) all the functions of a physical keyboard.

The other possibility, of developing is far more difficult is to have development tools installed on the device, one can have applications installed on the device. However there can be some issues with this method as the development environment which can be problematic as the development tools can feel a little clunky and disjointed as the interaction is not always as smooth as it could, how ever there is the capability of having consoles and editing code, Python and ruby have both complete editing and Console and editing packages which work very well though making use of an application called Qpython (, 2014),an Application known as Ruboto IRB is a ruby Application that provides a Console, a editing pad and some premade scripts that work, (The Ruboto Team, 2014). You could also use the online service ‘’ which which is recently which can edit code from a variety sources

In compassion the ideas of creating a development environment the method the first method (using a vm or a raspberry pi) is far easier to start and work with and development, especially if that and will grant access back end resources such as MySQL and out heres a system that can work very well without taking up much room on your mobile device. On the other hand, you can install a the environment on the mobile device losing space. which may clunky and difficult to use.

So in conclusion the first method of designing a development environment (using a raspberry pi, or VM) is the easiest and the most consistent method of creating a development environment consistent with the needs of the project an example of this could be a project needing to make use of a central database the database software could be easily installed onto the VM, while in comparison the use of a development environment which is installed onto the mobile device the installation the database framework can be more problematic. Therefore it can be suggested that using a development box will be easiest to implement. I should also illustrates my previous remarks upon some protection the use of sunscreen and sunglasses to reduce the damage that can be done by using glass screens in a bright environment and preventing sunburn from intense sunlight.



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Command Line Basics

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

The control line interface has been a tried and tested method, of interacting with a computer system. However, many students are not instructed how to use command line interface. This can cause an issue when working with computer systems such as connection devices like routers and switches and other devices such as raspberry pi, as it can be difficult to teach a student and learn the command line later on. This blog  post will report on the command line interfaces (CLI).

On the Basics with the most used computer OS being windows computers by roughly 73.2%, which is followed by MAC at 10% and Linux 5.1% as of April (, 2014), therefore we will first discuss Window’s Command Prompt, and then by discussing both  Apple’s Terminal and  Linuxes Bash

Windows uses a the command line referred to as the Command prompt, Microsoft stated there Operating Command line System as MS-DOS in the days before windows GUI (graphical user interface) (Wikipedia, 2014). All windows packages made after windows 2000 use the command prompt (Wikipedia, 2014), the command prompt is an MS-DOS Based shell (, 2014),

The Command prompt can offer a quick and efferent interface which can perform, however, for a person who is learning how to make use command line the change of the advanced setting can be a bit daunting, another weakness where the command prompt is the way that tucked out of the way, and is not very helpful with the debugging of scripts, similarly there is limited support in the technical community (, 2014) who Generally prefer a UNIX based ‘Terminal’ on a Linux or apple system and lastly with the logic not being immediately obvious (an example of this may be the listing of a directory where in command prompt the command being ‘dir’ while in bash the command is ‘ls’)

Making use of “command prompt” can give a student the ability to use development systems and musical accompaniment software and services, one such example is github where there is the focus of ‘committing’ and ‘pushing’ to (It should be noted that git installation comes with a github GUI, only that is not a necessity to install). Nevertheless, in conclusion the command prompt, which can be very powerful but is but the focus of windows is to be user friendly as possible and which means that the command prompt is not considered in design system which makes outdated and difficult to use.

The OSX command line which is called Terminal, the terminal is simply the GUI which relates directly to the I/O which interacts with computer system in a variety of ways however certain aspects of terminal are very similar in nature to the interaction of the clinics counterparts an example of this would be that both terminals SSH (, 2014),(, 2014), , and a variety of different technologies however due to the very specific nature the Apple terminal has been slightly customised with certain functions and functionalities that are inherently different the biggest example of this is the fact that the IP config function (on the Apple terminal) works inherently different to Linux counterpart (Wikipedia, 2014).  this means that inherently a user can move between Apple-based systems and Linux-based systems fairly easily because they use the same UNIX core this means that essentially that the logic behind the commands is very similar an example of this would be the listing of directory being ‘LS’ which will list every item within the current directory. as well as controlling SHH protocols (, 2014), as well is making use of some very powerful functions and protocols (Hoskins, 2012).

Command Prompt and the Other UNIX based Terminal the that are present in all three of the operating system discussed in this document come from two different families of thought. Command prompt comes from the MS-DOS ecosystem which is unique to Microsoft who hold all of the patents relating to that, as easily as the UNIX-based systems that are present in Linux and Apple-based systems. This could be the reason why the two are inherently different, however an argument could be made that the terminal systems within Linux and Apple have gone through continuous development which is something that the command prompt has not had


In conclusion, while all three terminal systems are equally powerful, however the difference can be drawn between all three based upon the usability while using simple commands such as apt-get (Linux- raspberry pi) can be extremely powerful, especially software which can be difficult comparison can be drawn between attempting to remote, install a piece of back-end and software onto a Linux and installing the same piece of software onto a Windows machine if a counterpart exists. Doing this on a Windows machine would mean that a.EXE file would have to be put onto the computer system and then install through the command line this could be a lengthy process, especially in Vista and beyond where there is repeated security checks to prevent this from happening. In comparison a Linux-based machine, it would only need to take an SHH session to do this and good example of this would be something like updating the software which would run a command ‘apt-get update’

Therefore the insinuation can be made that UNIX-based command lines are far more user-friendly (as far as a command line system can be user-friendly), however, in function versus function of the speed and ease of script Linux-based systems reasonably come out, however, function because complex systems made easy there is no rerouting and advanced configuration needed in order to get programming languages to work inherently within the system (example being as be the raspberry pi).


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The next step

Monday, May 12th, 2014

I have done all of my assignments! !!!

Sorry i am feeling a bit euphoric as now i have fished all of assignments and i don’t have to anything it feels odd. Becouse i have always been doing something  in connection with my education which has cept me going. as some of you are aware i have spent longer than most education, and affter uni i hope to find happy employment with one of cumbras fine information system company’s.

This would mean the end of my path of formal education where a pereson will tell me what i need to learn, now comes a new far more Interesting Challenge. the massively interesting area of empoment

One more step

when in hell keep going (Winston Chearchhill)

Please excuse my strange meathod of witeing as this is something i just had to share

Digging the Technical Diagrams…

Friday, April 18th, 2014

due to a recent happening it has come to my attention that the people in my class have the subtle arts of designing a function before you start so i would like to spend a post providing a lunch point to enable student’s, to make there own Research into the area.

the ability to explain what a Application, program or function works step works can be quite important, when working as part of a team or working on a large system or both, this skill is more of an art than science.

there are many types of diagramming that can be used to assists in the design the information system and and the one ones that i am going to talk about are;

+ Mind maps
+ Context diagram
+ Flow diagram

Mind maps are now the preferred way (by many) of allowing a single person or a team to create a way to brake down the information into bite size chunks a mind map can be a ‘living document’ (the document can be updated during development), there are many software packages and some support muli-user interface. at the start of the project can contain notes on what the client want and by the end of the project the mind map would be filled with notes both technical and non-technical (1),(6).

while a mind map can have and handle Charts, Pictures and images as well as text on the life cycle of a project the layers upon layer of information would lead to to large and heavy mind map (1), (2).

a Context diagram is a method of detaining the accesses need of the system, an example would be a Cash point that would need to accesses the Cash point accesses card database, the accounting database and diagnostic/security software. the context diagram is designed to be as simple as possible. the context diagram is used generally used to define the connection on the developing system in relation too other systems and to show the general flow of data though input (3).

Flow diagram is a simple method of working the process of each function and this can be broken down into each logical step of the fiction. The strength of this system is that there is no needed to choose the language or technology required the project this enables an amount of technical planing to take place with out doing much

while there are others diagramming systems that incorporate outer systems such as UML i have not discussed because they are there own system development paper work while the systems i have explained here are compatible with many Project management systems such as Pairing, Scrum and many agile Development methodology.


– Stuff that can be used

Being Successful

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

Success; ‘the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.’ (Google, 2014)

the word Success is very important to each person for each person wants to be Successful at something, yes even the Befits Cheat.
Success can not be measured by another person and can only be measured by you. but there are some things you can do.

1> Networking
networking is the art of making your self well know to employers and or clients, they are useful in build a network where you can find alot about your chosen industry, in my case this is Events like Co-Working Wednesday, Free Range Friday, along with interacting with Organizations like ‘code Cumbria’ which brings people form across the county.

2>Extend the skill set

constantly pick-up new skills as this will help become easier first find work and to have the skills get a lot more jobs it means that you can do more jobs which will make more Valuable to a company,

3> Monster is Good for you
Remain in mind that you still have your work to do and that means staying up late, and not getting as much sleep as you like, it also means when you freands go out on the town it will mean putting more hours but it is worth it.

5> Passion Breeds Victory
Be the expert in what you do; books, Podcast, Radio, TV, Youtube, Websites and Magazines get every scrap of information on the current state of play this will help when putting your skill set across in Job Interviews, Networking and taking part in Conversions on social networking sites.

and finely remember success is not the blowing away of competition to dominate an inderstey in is achievement of the Objective. The objective must only thing in your mind Finally get your business cards and use them.

Be the best

Cumbria is Awesome

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Friends, Cambrians, countrymen, lend me your ears.

Good-Day marra, may name is Matthew and i am south born that has somewhat been adopted by Cumbria, i am currently a student with the UoC on the applied computing course, and for the last year been working in BIC (business Interaction Center) which means i have been able to network and meet new Brilliant People as well as attending code Cumbria, i as also Dyslexic and Aspie, i am also a day to day Steampunker, i am learning  Python and Ruby, I  love living in Cumbria and will jump at the chance to work here.

this blog is design to bring light on some of the that people don’t see with out the politics and with out points scoring, just showing the Awesomeness which is Cumbria